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Flood Zone Correction, Inc. (FZC) is a proactive risk management company specializing in the thorough evaluation of flood risk. You will find our value-added services enable commercial property owners, condominium associations, insurance brokers, lenders and insurance carriers to understand the true flood risk of a building, to make educated flood insurance decisions, and to obtain the most value for every dollar spent on flood coverage.

FZC’s clients own more than 4 million multifamily units and more than 50,000 retail, office, hospitality, industrial and other types of commercial properties. They include industry leaders Simon Property Group, AIMCO, Inland Group, AEW Capital Management, INVESCO Realty, CW Capital, U-Haul, Cracker Barrel and hundreds of others. Additionally, we have strategic relationships with national, regional and local insurance brokers to help them thoroughly assess flood risk, correctly rate policies and maximize the flood coverage delivered to their respective clients.

You can count on FZC! Since 2001, FZC has delivered hundreds of millions of dollars of additional free flood coverage through clients’ property insurance policies, saved clients millions of dollars every year on flood insurance, added tens of millions of dollars to property values, and prevented many uninsured losses.

Headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida, Flood Zone Correction, Inc. is the leading advocate for property owners throughout the country, promoting accuracy in the evaluation of flood risk and fairness in the imposition of flood insurance requirements.

Take a moment to learn more about flood risk and how our services will enhance your bottom line. And, feel free to bookmark this site for all of your flood risk needs and references.

Dan Freudenthal, President
Special note for residential property owners: We welcome you to our site and your interest in flood risk. Please be advised that at this time, our services are limited to commercial properties, condominium associations, as well as, related third parties.