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Development Consulting Services are provided by either Flood Zone Correction, Inc. or Flood Risk Solutions, LLC, depending upon whether the subject property is located in an A zone or a V zone, respectively. It is absolutely critical to obtain guidance from experts when developing a property that is within a FEMA-designated Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA). Our flood risk professionals provide expert guidance during the design phase of the project to help our client design the building in a manner that will enable it to qualify for flood zone correction after the completion of construction or, if that type of design is not viable for some reason, to minimize flood insurance premiums for the building after the completion of construction. The goal is to eliminate or minimize flood insurance costs to maximize the value of the property.

We recommend that our companies be brought into mix at the beginning of the design process so that our recommendations are taken into consideration right from the start of the design process. We research local floodplain ordinances and FEMA requirements to define the metrics which must be met in order for the building to qualify for flood zone correction after completion of construction. Then, we work with your design professionals to select the appropriate type of construction, location for machinery and equipment, target elevations, and other relevant factors that would enable our client to remove the building from the SFHA. If more than one design are being considered, we can report on which designs would support flood zone correction and, for any designs that would keep the building in the SFHA, we provide NFIP flood insurance pricing so our client can perform a cost benefit analysis on the different designs. If required to obtain permits or satisfy construction lenders, we can perform flood zone correction services during the design process to obtain a Conditional Letter Of Map Revision to demonstrate that the design should result in the building being eligible for flood zone correction once construction is complete. At the end of construction, we can perform flood zone correction services to obtain a Letter Of Map Revision to remove the buildings from the SFHA prior to our client obtaining permanent financing.

Development Consulting Services are offered on either a flat fee per project or an hourly basis for the design consulting portion of the services. If flood zone correction services become part of the project, flood zone correction services can be provided on either a flat fee or contingency-fee basis, where the contingency-fee would be determined by an NFIP quote. Development Consulting Services deliver an excellent return on investment, because eliminating or minimizing flood insurance costs adds substantial value to the property. There are additional services that can be performed if desired or necessary during the development process. Contact us to learn more about our development consulting services.

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