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For all properties where a lender or insurance carrier claims buildings are in a FEMA-designated Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA), which are high-risk flood zones beginning with letters A and V, FZC will perform a free flood risk analysis to determine whether or not the high-risk designation is correct. In the majority of cases, we find the high-risk designation is wrong and we work on the client’s behalf with FEMA to correct the erroneous flood zone designation. The primary objective is to maximize the value of each dollar the property owner spends on flood insurance. Successful flood zone correction typically delivers the following benefits to commercial property owners:

  1. Increase the flood coverage obtained through a property insurance policy.
  2. Eliminate unnecessary NFIP and/or Excess flood insurance policies.
  3. Increase property values by improving net operating income (NOI).
  4. Eliminate unwarranted flood insurance requirements imposed by lenders.
  5. Enhance the marketability of the property.

The flood risk analysis includes evaluation of seven critical flood risk factors, including:

  1. Claim history.
  2. Geographic location of each building relative to the floodplain.
  3. Physical characteristics of the buildings.
  4. Flood source and its history of flood events.
  5. Topography on the subject site and throughout the floodplain.
  6. Drainage on the subject site and throughout the floodplain.
  7. Factors unique to that property or local area.

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Special note for residential property owners: We welcome you to our site and your interest in flood risk. Please be advised that at this time, our services are limited to commercial properties, condominium associations, as well as, related third parties.