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Clients typically use FZCs Levee Research Service (LRS) in conjunction with PRS for all properties that are within a reasonable proximity of a levee system. The primary objective is to identify the true risk posed by the levee system, which may be very different than the risk associated with the flood zone classification shown on the current effective flood map for that area. The data collected enables clients to make sound decisions regarding these locations, which may include placing additional flood insurance on the buildings, performing construction work to mitigate the flood risk, or selling the property.

All of us have read or heard about the status of the nation's levee systems. And, what we've learned so far is beyond the tip of the iceberg. In 2007, the Interagency Levee Policy Review Committee, established by FEMA, published a report, which indicated a lack of communication with the public about the true flood risk in areas behind levees. Combined with the reality that most areas behind, and purportedly protected by, levees are shown as low-risk zones on flood maps, and you have a recipe for disaster. Chances are, properties that you own or operate have significant residual risk because they are behind levees, and, you may not have even given it a thought until now. If you have a large portfolio, just do the math.

FZC will perform a comprehensive examination that enables you to understand the risk of levee overtopping or failure. This examination uncovers information to answer important questions about the levee system, including but not limited to:

  • What is the current FEMA accreditation status and is that status expected to change?
  • Was the original design objective to deliver FEMAs minimum standard of a 90% probability of containing the 100-year flood or was it built to a higher standard such as the 500-year flood?
  • Who owns and is responsible for maintenance?
  • Has it been adequately maintained or are there significant encroachments that are diminishing its original design capacity?
  • Has the owner delivered a certified inspection report to FEMA to maintain its accreditation status or is it likely it will be de-accredited soon which would result in a SFHA designation and mandatory purchase requirements?
  • Has it suffered from overtopping, failure or seepage? If so, when did this happen and what was the extent of the damage in the area?

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Special note for residential property owners: We welcome you to our site and your interest in flood risk. Please be advised that at this time, our services are limited to commercial properties, condominium associations, as well as, related third parties.