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Premium reduction services apply to all buildings correctly designated in SFHA because the buildings are truly at high risk of suffering flood damage during 100-year storms according to FEMA’s rules and regulations. The objective of FZC’s premium reduction service is to leverage our proprietary research-driven underwriting capabilities and unique knowledge of flood risk and NFIP rules and regulations to find legally available credits and rate options that reduce premium for the same exact coverage from the exact same flood carrier. The service delivers future savings by enabling you to renew at the lower rate every year in the future.

Premium reduction services are provided on a contingency fee basis, so you only pay for success. The contingency fee is equal to 100% of the premium refund we procure on your behalf, which means you receive same year payback and there is no change to your current budget. Then, you realize the annual savings starting with the next renewal, which increases property values by the capitalized value of the annual savings.

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Special note for residential property owners: We welcome you to our site and your interest in flood risk. Please be advised that at this time, our services are limited to commercial properties, condominium associations, as well as, related third parties.