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Flood Zone Correction, Inc. (FZC) is a proactive risk management company specializing in the thorough evaluation of flood risk. You will find our value-added services enable commercial property owners, condominium associations, insurance brokers, lenders and insurance carriers to understand the true flood risk of a building, to make educated flood insurance decisions, and to obtain the most value for every dollar spent on flood coverage.

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Flood Zone Correction, Inc. (FZC) thoroughly evaluates flood risk to help you understand your true flood exposure. Commercial property owners, condominium associations, insurance brokers and agents, lenders and insurance carriers regularly turn to FZC for one or more of the following value-added services. Click a service link below for more information.

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Dan Freudenthal, President at CRIO Group, was presenting at the annual two-day AON Benfield MGA and Program Solutions Roundtable event that was held on May 6-7, 2014 in Chicago.

Dan gave an update on National Flood Insurance Program, where he discussed FEMA’s remapping programs and shared his insights on private market flood insurance, including latest trends in property insurance marketplace and gave an introduction to CRIO private flood insurance program.

Special note for residential property owners: We welcome you to our site and your interest in flood risk. Please be advised that at this time, our services are limited to commercial properties, condominium associations, as well as, related third parties.